Brandon Jennings Birthday Party Flyer

You have to love club flyers with NBA players.  In half of the cases the player doesn’t even show up and in most cases, unless you are in the VIP area, you wont see the player.  That is, unless the club event is for that’s players birthday and in this case the birthday boy is new Detroit Piston Brandon Jennings.  New Laker Nick Young posted this flyer for the Toxic event showing Jennings in an outfit that Kwame would have worn in one of his videos. I’m not hating because I bought “The Boy Genius” and “A Day in the Life” and you probably don’t know it but you have probably liked a few songs he’s produced over the past decade.  1240177_633841016654746_634357575_n

Back to Jennings, he will be turning 24 on the 23rd and I’m expecting big things from the new $24 million man in Motown eventhough Joe Dumars said “he’s not guaranteed the starting point guard job.”  I just don’t see Billups, Bynum or Siva taking that from him.

Back to amusing birthday club flyers. Atleast Jenning’s didn’t look like this piece of art for DeMarcus Cousin’s “BIG BDAY.”


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