Brandon Jennings (Not Stanley Johnson) Lobs It Off The Backboard For Andre Drummond


As the president of the Stan the Man Fan Club, I was excited to see the above video from the NBA youtube channel pop up in my feed: Stanley Johnson lobs it off the backboard for Andre Drummond!

Bad news is, it wasn’t Stanley Johnson.  And of course the brutal YouTubers let the channel know it.

  • i know black folk look alike, but damn :\
  • Wow Stanley when’d u change ur number? And when’d u get so short?
  • Stanley Johnson? Lol Go home NBA, you’re drunk.
  • THEY CHANGED THE TITTLE LOL! Hold this L person who runs this YouTube channel.

Good news is, it was Brandon Jennings and I’m just as equally excited to see Jennings highlights outside of Drew League games in the summer.

And of course, it’s always fun to watch Andre Drummond dunk, and dunk and dunk 3 more times on his way to another monster double double: 21 points and 18 rebounds.