Brandon Knight Breaks Klay Thompson’s Ankles Then Buries 1 of His Career-High 7 3s

Before Brandon Knight went down with a groin injury 2 months ago, he was having a hell of a season; A season I was dubbing the “Brandon Knight Revenge Tour.” The tour included a revenge dunk attempt and career-high 37 vs DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers and a nasty ankle-breaker and first career triple-double (30/15/10) vs Marcelo Huertas and the Lakers. Days later, he broke his career-high, when he went off for 17 of his 38 points in the 4th quarter against the Nuggets.

Then came the groin injury and without Knight, the Suns became such a bad team that Charles Barkley’s rants about them went viral.

Popcorn? It’s stale.
Hot dogs? Hard bun.
Pretzels? Hard as a rock.
Nachos? Cold.
Seats? Dirty.
Cheerleaders? They are ugly now.

How about Brandon Knight now? He’s back and so is the revenge tour.

On Saturday night, in just his 2nd game back from missing 21, Knight scored 30 points, dished out 7 dimes, grabbed 6 boards and knocked down a career-high 7 3-pointers against the Splash Brothers in a near win. The best of those 7 3s came after an ankle-breaking move on Klay Thompson at the end of the 3rd quarter.

The Kyrie Irving approved play gave the Suns a 10 point lead. Unfortunately for the Suns, the Warriors dominated the 4th quarter and outscored them 37-21 behind 15 4th quarter points from Steph Curry.

After the game, Knight talked about his big night and basically said the best is yet to come.

“It’s just a matter of just playing and trying to make the right plays, which I could still do a better job of,” Knight said. “I’m still not there. It’s a difficult situation. I’m going to continue to fight and be strong for myself and for my teammates. I’m not there yet.”

Stayed tuned for more of the Brandon Knight Revenge Tour.