Brandon Roy's Top 10 Plays of His Career

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Nothing against Damian Lillard, who is one of my favorite players in the league, but every time I see Lillard hit a game-winner, put up 50 or surprise us with an unexpected dunk while wearing a Trailblazers jersey, I can't help but think that should be Brandon Roy doing it.

The former Portland Rookie of the Year and All-NBA guard was on the path to greatness that Lillard is currently on. And I'm hoping Lillard reaches his full potential and the greatness he deserves for both him and for Roy. If you think I'm over-hyping the 3 x All-Star just because we didn't get to see him fulfill his potential, what do you think about Metta World Peace saying Roy is better than Kobe and Kobe himself saying Roy had no weakness in his game?

“Roy 365 days, seven days a week. Roy has no weaknesses in his game.” Said Kobe when asked who the toughest player to defend in the Western Conference was. “I told him I don’t know of any player outside of myself that has no weaknesses besides him. If you think about it, he can go left and pull up and shoot. He can go right and pull up and shoot. He can fade left shoulder, he can fade right shoulder. He can shoot the long ball. He can finish at the rim. He can shoot free throws. He has no weaknesses in his offensive game." -

Unfortunately, his knees were as flawed as his game was flawless and we only got to see six seasons of him. But every time I watch Damian Lillard play well, I get to see a little of Brandon Roy, even if it is just memories.




In 2017, Brandon Roy was shot in the leg while shielding some kids outside of his grandmother's house.

"It was crazy to look down at my leg and my sweats had holes in them," Roy said, per Jayda Evans of the Seattle Times. "I just couldn't believe I was shot. It's scary. I thought about my kids the whole time."

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