Breakin! Cory Joseph Breaks Brian Roberts Ankles & Makes Him Breakdance

There’s no debate on this one! Every time we or the NBA post an “ankle-breaker,” a lot of the feedback is “that’s not a f*****g ankle-breaker! I don’t think too many people are going to have an issue with me calling Cory Joseph’s move on Brian Roberts last night an ankle-breaker.

Now I just want to see Cory score after one of his crossovers.  Last year (earlier in the season) he had this sick move on Justin Anderson but then lost the ball.

Then there’s this crossover on Brad Beal which, like last night, ended with an assist for Joseph.

Oh well, at least Joseph’s move last night brought back memories of one of my favorite films – with one of the funniest cameos – ever: Breakin!