Brilliant new Blake Griffin Commercial for KIA – New Dunk Game

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Blake Griffin

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I always thought one of the dumbest things ever said about Shaq was “all he does is dunk.”   If that meant 30 points a game while leading the league in field goal % while helping your team compete for a championship then there’s nothing wrong with that.  I think the worst advice given to a lot of recent big men that should of or could dominate the paint is that they need to master the 15 footer.  For Shaq, that’s what Horace Grant was there for.

Blake Griffin and his dunks in the past few seasons is the closest thing we have seen to late 90’s Vinsanity in the past decade and those dunks, along with his dry but very funny personality, has landed Blake more endorsements deals than 90% of the league…maybe combined.

So in this Kia Optima time machine episode, Blake goes back to the Vinsanity era of 1999 and tells his younger self he might want to play the new dunk game that “only allows you to dunk.”

Brilliant ad!

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