Brittney Griner dunks twice in WNBA Debut. Now has 2 of the 5 dunks in WNBA history.

The Brittney Griner era has begun.  17 points 8 rebounds 4 blocks and 2 dunks in her WNBA debut.  So what if she lost by 22, Nas' debut Illmatic didn't initially sell well either.

What makes Griner's 2 dunks so impressive is she now has 2 of the 5 dunks in the 16 year history of the league.  The dunks weren't anything that would make you jump out of your seat but the WNBA thought it was spectacular enough to show off this Phantom video with one of the worst filmed dunks ever - nice elbow!

I don't know enough about the WNBA teams to make any predictions on whether Britney's team will win or lose but I am confident in saying the WNBA YouTube channel is going to be posting a lot of dunks thanks to Griner.

Now, go film Skylar Diggins with that Phantom camera.


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