Meet Baller Brittney Elena

If you attended the 8th annual Ballislife All-American game this past weekend, you probably couldn't keep your eyes off of one of the dunk judges...OSN! Sitting four seats away from the extremely loud YouTuber who is extremely quiet in reality was the extremely lovely Brittney Elena.

If Elena looks a little familiar, it's because you have probably seen her on Instagram...or on the TV show Wild N' Out, or hosting a BET event, or interviewing Kyrie Irving, or playing pop up shot against Kevin Durant, or playing 1-on-1 against Brandon "B-Dot" Armstrong on YouTube, or playing in the Basketball Beauties league, or in a charity game get the point.

Well, to show our appreciation to Elena for being a part of our event and because it is Wednesday, here's a collection of pics and clips to showcase the beauty and talent of the "Milly Rock GOAT."

Shout out to Cassy Athena & Cameron Look for the photos.