Brittney Griner scores 50 points & does a drop step dunk against Kansas State

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Does the name Lauren Bilberman ring a bell.  Probably not but she's a kicker and this weekend she became the first woman to compete at an NFL scouting combine.   The 28 year old's tryout lasted 2 kicks and the thought of a woman making the NFL remains an almost impossible thought.

That thought doesn't seem as impossible when it comes to basketball.  In 1979, Ann Meyers became the first woman to sign with a NBA team (Pacers) but only lasted three days. In 1986, Cheryl Miller was drafted by a few pro leagues including the United States Basketball League but knee injuries prevented any chance of her possibly stepping onto the court with her brother.   Since then we have had two professional women leagues and the opportunity to witness a lot of very talented women but none of them looked like "NBA material" although some would say sister of Anthony Parker and wife of Sheldon Williams, Candace Parker, was made of some of that material.

Enter 6'8 Brittney Griner who was doing dunk session with Air Up There and dunking all over girls in High School.  For the past couple of years she's been dominating college basketball and setting records and tonight she added to her legacy by scoring 50 points, 21-28 shooting,  in a win over Kanas State.  The 50 points also put her second on the all-time scoring list.   She even threw down her 14th dunk of her college career which was off a spin move drop step that we wish we could see more NBA centers do.

Brittney will probably go down as the best or most dominant female basketball player ever but the more interesting story is if she can become the first female NBA player.

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