Brook Lopez Says "I'm Pulling For Ibaka" After Serge Ibaka's Fist Fight With Brother Robin

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Punches! We finally have punches in a NBA fight! Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka didn't land many of those punches but their fist fight was a lot more entertaining than the usual hold me back stuff we have been getting and funnier than the recent Ice Cube movie 'Fist Fight.'  The game turned out to be a pretty entertaining one too, with the Raptors coming out with a two-point victory in OT.

After the game, Ibaka took another shot at Lopez with this comment.

"I'm not just going to be out there and watch a man like him punch me and walk away."

A crazed looking Lopez, who is mostly known for punching mascots and did fight the Raptors' mascot before this game, said he expects to be suspended and Ibaka's punch just "grazed him," even though he had a pretty noticeable mark on the side of his face.

The best comment of the night went to Robin's brother Brook Lopez, who jokingly said he's pulling for Ibaka in a grudge match and how Robin would have been on the ground if he was out there.