Brooklyn Nets introduce Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce & Jason Terry | Pierce “unhappy?”

Nets GM Billy King welcomed Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to Brooklyn today.  The three seemed much happier than the three players that ended up in Boston but Paul Pierce, who has played for Boston since 1999, did seem to struggle with the fact that he’s no longer a Celtic.

Despite his early mixed emotions, Pierce is one of the true professionals in our league and I’m sure he will be just fine when the bucket list season starts for the three new Nets.

“Obviously I would’ve loved to have finished my career in Boston, but that day and age is finally over with. My ultimate drive is winning a championship,”Pierce said.

“We’ve got all the ingredients we need to win a championship, We just need to figure out how to make it all come together. Great players always figure it out and I think we will.”

We’re going to be right up there with the best of them, Miami, they are the champs. There’s Chicago, Indiana, then I think you have to look at us. With me, Kevin and Jet along with Jason (Kidd), we don’t have any egos. We want to compete for a championship.”

“You’ve got to look at what everybody brings, We all complement each other. We understand sacrifice. We want Joe and Deron to be MVP and all-star candidates. We as players have no choice but to make this work so we are going to figure this out.”


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