Brother covers his younger brother’s ear so he can’t hear Kevin Garnett cursing

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Kevin Garnett

I wish I could find it right at this moment but about 13 years ago, Source Magazine put out a special Sports Magazine and it contained one of the most profane and unintentionally hilarious interviews I’ve ever read. The interview was with Buckshot of Black Moon fame and he was actually being interviewed by Kevin Garnett.  It shouldn’t surprise anybody that the interview wasn’t safe for the ears of a little kid and the odds are if you are near KG on the court you are aware that you are going to hear some profanity.

Thankfully for this little Brooklyn fan that wasn’t around when KG was conducting hilarious interviews and putting up amazing hall-of-fame numbers, his older brother was around to cover the youngsters ears as KG expressed the frustration that most Nets fans are also feeling.

I also wish I could share this story in more details but I had a NBA player tell me about this group meeting around 2000 with KG, a few other NBA players and some big music heads like Puffy. Supposedly half of the room couldn’t stop shaking their heads or giggling at the way KG was behaving, what he was saying and specifically how he was saying it.  Let’s just say a few people in the room could have used those noise isolating Beats headphones that KG wears so he can’t hear all of the criticism that’s being shouted at him.

but fuck it…


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