Brrrrrr....Doug Colllins says "What Happened to that Boy!"

I can just imagine when Jalen Rose made the Birdman "bbbrrrrr" sound, Doug Collins flash backed to 2002, when he was coaching Michael Jordan & Kwame Brown in Washington and playing the Birdman/Clipse collabo "What Happened to that Boy" on his brand new 2nd generation Ipod.

You might also remember the Neptune-produced track being featured in an Adidas commercial with Tracy McGrady. Just in case you are wondering what happened to that boy T-Mac. He's playing in my backyard with the Sugarland Skeeters baseball team and just had a soft launch this past weekend for his new sneaker store Sole Lounge in H-Town.

Back to Cash Money Collins, his Birdman quote might rank 2nd to only his "get the ball to Michael and everybody get the fuck out of the way" comment from his early days with MJ.

And just to make sure we beat this horse dead, here's Collins with The Fresh Prince.





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