Bruce Bowen talks Harden’s defense, Vince & T-Mac settling & “mutual disgust” with Kobe


One of the most respected and hated defensive players of the past decade, Bruce Bowen, recently did an interview with Spurs Nation and discussed a range of topics from the current Spurs to battles with Kobe to James Harden’s defense.  Here’s a few of the most interesting bytes from the full interview.

  • He and Kobe initially had a “mutual disgust for each other” that turned into “respect real quick.”
  • He blames the Rockets for James Harden’s “terrible” defense and said Harden did a good job guarding Kobe back in his OKC days
  • Kobe, Dirk and Michael Redd were the 3 players he enjoyed guarding the most
  • He believes Vince Carter could have been one of the all-time greats if he had “the desire of Kobe.” Tracy McGrady could have also been one of the greats but he “settled”
  • Tim Duncan “thinks he’s a comedian” but isn’t as funny as he thinks he is. Proof: “Did you know a carrot only crunches so many times before you have to swallow?”
  • Magic and Bird are two players he wish he could have defended


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