BS! Kyle Lowry Called For A Tech For Bouncing The Ball Off His Foot

There’s been awful calls and techs lately. Carmelo Anthony’s ejection for “bad language” was bad; Russell Westbrook getting a tech for kicking a trailing KCP in the groin might be the worst of the week; Kyle Lowry getting a tech for accidentally bouncing the ball off his foot during Tuesday’s game against the Cavs is right up there. I know the refs are supposed to call a tech if the ball goes out of bounds but considering the circumstances, you would think the refs could have made an exception, especially since the foul before the tech was nonsense.

“The ball bounced of my foot,” Lowry said of the tech, which was called with the Raptors up by 1 and a little more than a minute left in regulation. “I wasn’t trying to slam it. I dribbled the ball and it bounced of my foot. It’s not like it went far. Coach caught the ball. Whatever, keep my money.”

The basketball Gods aka The Spirit of Rasheed Wallace did step in and make Kyrie Irving miss the free throw (Ball Don’t Lie!). Kevin Love also missed 1 of the 2 free throw. Unfortunately for the Raptors, the basketball champs hit some big shots and held the Raptors scoreless in the final minute until Lowry made a layup in the final second of the loss.