Bulls Draft Pick Bobby Portis Apologizes for old “F*** DRose” Tweet With A New Funny Tweet

Call it irony. Call it destiny. Call it what you want just be careful where you say it because you never know when it might come back to bite you in the ass.  You can ask 2015 Draft picks Larry Nance Jr and Bobby Portis all about it.  3 years ago Nance called the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant a “rapist” and guess which team drafted him last night?  As for Portis, 4 years ago, while he was a Miami Heat fan, he posted the following tweets about Derrick Rose and Pau Gasol.

Bobby-Portis-Tweet-3 bobby-portis-tweets

As fate would have it, guess who his new teammates are? Yep! After being drafted by the Bulls last night, Portis tweeted a pretty awesome apology to Rose and Gasol.

Source: BSO