Bulls Reunion! Scottie Pippen Surprises Michael Jordan During GM7 vs Heat

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Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen

Do you think the thinking guy in front or fat dude in the white hat had any idea that the GOAT and the best Robin of all-time were sharing a moment just inches behind them?

During the Hornets 33 point GM7 loss to the Miami Heat on Sunday, Scottie Pippen surprised the living version of the Crying Jordan meme and gave him a hug which instantly took some Bulls fans back to "the flu game (or hangover game)" of 1997.

So in honor of the surprise reunion and 1997 throwbacks, here's a great NBC feature on the dynamic duo from the 1997 NBA Finals.

And i'm sure watching his team get beat by the Heat made MJ think about all the times he dropped 50+ on the Heat in the playoffs during the early 90s.