Byron Scott To Lakers: ‘How Many Of You Have Been In A Real Fist Fight?’

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Byron Scott

The tone of Sundays’ game between the Lakers and Celtics was far from what we have been seeing from the Lakers during Kobe’s full of smiles farewell tour. After the loss, Scott talked about how “dead serious” Kobe was and a great “fist fight” analogy he had for the team.

“I said, ‘How many of you guys have been in a real fist fight?’ Seriously,” Scott asked his players at halftime. “And then, the question was, ‘Okay, in that fist fight, how many times did you just stand there and let him punch you in your face before you got ready to fight?’ Same thing in basketball. You can’t come out and take the first seven or eight punches because most of the time the fight might be over. Our guys got to realize that when you step on the court to start the game, it can’t be, ‘let me get warmed up or let me get loose.'”

When asked about the halftime talk, rookie Larry Nance said he agreed with Coach and the Lakers do need to be the first ones to throw a punch.