BYU's Nick Emery Sucker Punches Player Then Tells Him "To Stay On The Ground"

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Larry Krystkowiak Nick Emery

Very foul. Those are the words Utah's Brandon Taylor used to describe what BYU's Nick Emery said to him after Emery sucker punched him during Wednesday's win over BYU. Taylor's coach, Larry Krystkowiak, said Emery told his player to "stay on the ground" after the punch.

β€œI saw him basically punch Brandon then tell him to stay on the ground after he punched him. That’s what got my undies in a little bit of a bunch. Crazy things happen in this game and I just hope that’s something we would never do.”

Emery was given a flagrant 2 foul and ejected for the dirty play and I'm sure a suspension is also coming.

You can read more about Emery's "anger issues" at