Carmelo Anthony Does Steve Smith’s Trademark Spin Move Then The Melo No Rim Touch Dunk

OK, Melo might have got away with a little bit of a hook when he did Steve Smith’s trademark spin on JaKarr Sampson before throwing down the Melo trademark no-rim touching dunk. But I’m really just using this clip to talk about Smitty and not Melo or his 18 points or Knicks win over the 76ers.

If you aren’t familiar with the “fake spin” by former NBA player Steve Smith, it was once named one of the top 5 moves in NBA history by Sports Illustrated – right between Shaq’s drop step and Iverson/Hardaway’s crossover. There’s been plenty of other players that did it well, like Penny Hardaway, but Smitty was probably the best at it and most known for it.