Carmelo Anthony hilariously goes off on fan on Twitter

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Carmelo Anthony


When Arsenio Hall was being interviewed by Oprah earlier this year, they talked about celebs on Twitter and he said the reason why Eddie Murphy isn’t on Twitter is because it’s like a stranger jumping into your car, shouting at you and then leaving. Since then, Eddie has joined Twitter, but to mainly promote his new album and not to interact with “fans” that mainly have negative things to “shout” at him about.

Yesterday, all Carmelo Anthony wanted to do was wish everyone a Happy New Years Eve and promote his new M10s.

Of course, some negative “fan” wanted to “shout” at him about Anthony’s bare fingers and how he disappoints him, as if the Knicks’ star owed the Twitter user something.

Most of the times in situations like this, the verified star just ignores the loser, who has nothing better to do than to let people who do have things to do, know their obscene opinions. Melo couldn’t resist responding to the “glazed donut face ass” who he never asked to root for him, follow him, like him or be in his life in any way.


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