Carmelo Anthony & JR Smith Reunite In Pick-Up Game With Enes Kanter & Other Pros


Cavs fans are probably looking at this throwback pic and saying how great it would have been if Melo reunited with JR Smith in Cleveland and Chauncey Billups didn't turn down a GM position to keep playing 3-on-3 basketball for Ice Cube. Lakers' fans are looking at this and feeling sad for Lamar Odom and then cheering up when they think about the thought of LeBron possibly leaving Cleveland (again) and taking his talents to LA.

This past weekend, Melo did reunite with his former Denver and New York teammate, JR Smith, at M7 Academy for one of NBA Trainer Chris Brickley's "Blackout Sessions." Other players in the pick-up game included Enes Kanter, Nick Richards, Hamidou Diallo and former Knicks Lance Thomas and Chris Smith (JR's brother).