Carmelo Anthony wants to be traded | Dwight Wants to Stay & tells Orlando to “roll the dice”

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Carmelo Anthony

You want some (l)insane news to wake up to.  How about the New York Post saying that Carmelo Anthony wants to be traded!  What a bomb to drop with only 24 hours left before the trading deadline.  This is just a rumor right now since it supposedly comes from “Carmelo’s Confidant” but considering the amount of media bashing he’s taken this season, even before linsanity came into the picture, and how the Knicks are a complete mess right now, I can’t say I’m that surprised.

UPDATE: Carmelo Anthony’s agent, Leon Rose, called the report “laughable” and is denying that Melo wants out. 

Over in Disneyland, Dwight Howard said something more shocking.  He said he wants to finish the season in Orlando even though the consensus is he will leave during the summer and go up north to the NJ Nets.

“We’ve been talking, like I said, for a while,” told reporters after the Magic’s 104-98 overtime win over the Heat. “I told them I want to finish this season out and give our team, give our fans some hope for the future. But I feel they have to roll the dice. It might be tough, but I feel we’ve got a great opportunity. But they’ve got to roll it.”

Roll the Dice! Dwight is basically telling the Magic you can have me for the rest of this season or you can have some talented players for the next few years.  I wouldn’t even think about throwing the dice against the wall.  I would be too busy trying to throw him to the highest bidder.



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