LeBron gives Carmelo free agency advice before dueling in MSG

There was a time when people debated who was better among LeBron and Carmelo Anthony. This was also during a time when many people felt the Cleveland Cavs should have selected the college great over the high school phenom but then again it was also a time when Darko felt  he should have been the #1 pick of that draft.

Now you know the story of both players between those days up until last night when the two stars of the 2003 NBA draft faced off at MSG.  But before the game,  LeBron was asked if he had any advice for the future free agent.

“Whatever makes him happy,” James said about Melo’s future plans. “You have to do whatever makes you happy at the end of the day. If you’re happy, the game of basketball is going to be fun for you. Strive to be great every day and you can live with whatever else happens. So we’ll see.”

LeBron then kind of hinted that Melo should try to form his own superteam somewhere.

“I recommend it to me,” James said. “It fit me. What I do don’t work for everybody, and the way I live my life doesn’t work for everybody. But all I care about is winning. I came to Miami to win. And money didn’t make me happy — winning made me happy. It still does. At the end of the day that’s what mattered to me.”

At the end of this day, it would be Melo (29 points) and his current team that came away with the 10 point win despite 32 from LeBron.

“We just competitors, that’s it. I want what he got. He trying to get some more of those [rings] so I’m trying to get my team right. I can’t worry about what Miami is doing. I gotta worry about my New York Knicks and we go from there.”
— Anthony on James on TNT


Source: NY Daily News


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