Carmelo scores 29, blocks and dunks on LeBron James

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LeBron James Carmelo Anthony

Lost in all the hoopla about LeBron’s mask are hundreds of tweets and shares of Carmelo Anthony scoring 29, dunking on and blocking LeBron James…in the same game.

Usually when a player dunks in LeBron’s vicinity the internet goes nuts.  Somebody has a good game against the Heat & James and the internet goes nuts.  Somebody blocks the King and the people on LeBron’s nuts go nuts claiming it was a foul and that the refs should be fired for not doing their side job.

Melo did that (Eli Porter voice) in last night’s loss to the Heat but nobody seems to care.  Well, maybe because the Knicks did lose by 26 points and Melo didn’t score in the final 21 minutes.

“I don’t know if we got defused or what,” Anthony said. We didn’t bounce back.”



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