Carmelo’s frustrated face brings joy to critics & donut faces around the world

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Carmelo Anthony

I don’t know how the producer and camera man knew that it was a good idea to switch to Carmelo Anthony, sitting on the bench, after a Nets’ 3-pointer that put Brooklyn up by 16 but they were rewarded for their instincts. ┬áMelo’s facial expression and head shake pretty much summed up the 23 point loss and Knicks frustrating season.

Melo did his best by scoring a game high 26 and grabbing 12 rebounds during a game high 38 minutes but the only thing his wasted effort really did was build ammo for people that believe he needs to start packing for LA and the “donut faces” on Twitter that love to mock him and the Knicks.

I suggest he stay off Twitter today or he’s going to be faced with a lot of Donut Faces.


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Art by M.B Bowens via GotEmCoach


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