Caron Butler tricks Jonas Valanciunas with the Fake High Five then steals the ball – C’Mon Man!

Javale McGee is going to have to work extra hard this week to beat out Caron Butler and Jonas Valanciunas for the #1 play on Shaqtin a Fool.  What’s up for debate is who the biggest fool in the video is.

We have Caron Butler who gives Jonas a high five so he can steal the ball in the final seconds of a blow out game to pad his stats and have his team only lose by 25. You can’t blame Butler too much for wanting to make an easy shot since he only hit 3 of 12 for the night.

Then you have Jonas, who racked up more fouls (5) than points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks combined (3).  You are always told to play to the last second, but he just put his guard down to make friendly with Butler.  I guess he didn’t see what Butler did to a ref last week.


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