Cassidy Hubbarth Talks SneakerCenter, Hoop Streams, Harden and Westbrook Plus More on Positionless Podcast!

Cassidy Hubbarth, long time ESPN host and analyst, went on Positionless to discuss many new happenings in her career. Aside from becoming a mother less than a year ago, she also tells us about her new show Sneakercenter which features the likes of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kawhi Leonard, Derrick Rose and more. On the subject of SneakerCenter, she also dished on legendary sneaker designer and DJ Bobbito Garcia, who directs the seven-part series which is available on ESPN+.

On top of her hosting and narration duties with Sneakercenter, Hubbarth is also working with Kendrick Perkins and a rotating cast of supporting reporters and analysts on ESPN’s Hoop Streams. The show, which airs on ESPN’s Twitter and YouTube channels, is available on many ABC NBA game nights. On Positionless, Hubbarth discussed the show, her relationship with Kendrick Perkins and what makes him different from other analysts she’s worked with and the general state of the NBA.

Listen to Ballislife’s Positionless below or click the link

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