Cassidy,Meek MILL Lupe Fiasco and B.O.B Send Shots Back at Kendrick Lamar

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Kendrick Lamar has stirred up the recipe that all true hip hop fans have been waiting on. Sure we enjoy the club songs and the sound of your two or more favorite artist on the same track. But like Kendrick said This is hip hop, and what is hip hop with out any controversy. For those of you who really payed attention to his lyrics, Was Kendrick actually dissing the artist he named?. In my opinion he was simply just speaking his mind and saying something that a lot of artist are scared to say. With the way hip hop is today most artist have fell into a comfort zone and forgot the competitiveness of hip hop. Most of them claim to be the best but are scared of competition. Who should really feel bad is all the artist that Kendrick didn’t mention. It subliminally means your not a factor in the rap game. The bar has been set to the highest peek. Listen to how other artist (“that wasn’t mentioned”) responded to Kendrick’s legendary verse

Ballislife | Rappers Respond to Kendrick
In Response to Control | Cassidy

Joell Ortiz

Bob- How to Rap

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