Cavs assistant coach Tyronn Lue on Michael Jordan vs LeBron James.

Stop calling him the guy that Allen Iverson stepped over during the NBA Finals.  Tyronn Lue is a Nebraska Hall of Fame inductee, was a fan favorite in LA and is now the highest paid assistant coach in NBA history.

Last month, the Cavs gave him a 4-year $6.5 million deal to help David Blatt coach LeBron James and whoever LeBron wants around him.

Last year, before Lue and LeBron became Cavs, Lue talked about LeBron, who he says has a better “skill set” than Michael Jordan, and what makes Michael Jordan the GOAT – his “will to win.”  It will be interesting to hear Lue’s take on this topic in a few months.


And just so you don’t have to google it because I mentioned it…



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