Cavs Jordan McRae’s Alley-Oop Fail To 5’8 Kay Felder

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Jordan McRae Kahlil Felder

This is a complaint I heard on Friday: basketball fans came out to see the Championship Cavs play and LeBron face off against former teammate Dwyane Wade; what they got was undrafted players and 2nd round picks in Cavs unis losing to the Bulls and messing up 3 on 0 fastbreaks.

What I saw was a PRESEASON game showcasing a lot of very talented, overlooked and unappreciated players who are going to help make the defending champs deeper and better this season. Two of those guys I expect to be around during the regular season are 2nd round picks Kay Felder and Jordan McRae.  Both have put up some big numbers in the preseason and summer league and both put up some impressive numbers against the Bulls on Friday: Kay Felder had 14 points, a team-high 7 assists and just 2 turnovers. Jordan McRae had 19 points, 5 assists and 3 steals and should have had either 21 points or 6 assists if it wasn’t for his Shaqtin’ moment on the alley-oop fail above. But, he had the right idea, Felder has a 48 inch vert and is capable of throwing down some nasty dunks despite his 5’8 height. He just wasn’t ready for the pass. But he, McRae and some of the other Cavs on Friday are ready for the league.