Cavs trade Andrew Bynum & picks to Bulls for Loul Deng

Although Kobe & Pau Gasol were “used to it,” the Laker stars wont have to worry about answering any more questions about Gasol being traded and/or the return of Andrew Bynum because the Cavs agreed to send Bynum and a few future picks to Chicago for Loul Deng.

It will be interesting to hear what the grumpy people of Chicago (b/c it’s absolutely freezing in Chi-Town right now) will have to say about this trade especially when they hear the Bulls will be waiving Bynum before the 2nd half of his $12.3 million contract becomes guaranteed.  Since this drops them below the luxury tax, the trade will save them about $15 million.

“The moves today will put us in a better position to make the entire roster stronger for the future and to compete for a championship,” said GM Gar Forman.

Although Deng is an unrestrictive free agent in 2014, people in Cleveland should be celebrating at the news of getting rid of one of the two ABs that’s not doing anything for them and getting an All-Star in return.





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