Cedric Ceballos Doing Well after heart attack | Ced Tribute

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You probably wont believe me when I say that for the majority of the 90s Cedric Ceballos was one of my 5 favorite players (joining Shaq, Webber, Rider & Penny).  I have a Ced Ceballos card collection that is massive…yet only worth about 10 bucks.  My ultimate tribute came when I put out a video about the 95 Lakers on YouTube featuring his song “Flow On” off the “Basketball’s Best Kept Secret” album – you know the horrible compilation album where Jason Kidd says the classic line “I should of seen it…like Rocky’s momma.”

In recent years, the Phoenix Sun that invented the blindfold dunk has become an important friend of our friend from Phoenix Kenny Dobbs aka The Dunk Inventor of Ballislife Entertainment.  But yesterday was a scary day for my 90s heroes as he had a series of small heart attacks. He supposedly is doing better because he released this statement.

“I feel blessed and very fortunate to be here today and to have made the decision to go to the hospital and get my symptoms checked out late last night.  I ask everyone to keep me in your prayers as I make my journey back to good health.  Thank everyone who has called and is concerned.  While I want to respond and speak to everyone, I cannot right now, but will be in touch very soon.  God bless you.”

Here’s hoping to speedy recovery.  Flow on Cedric.

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