Chance Greene Goes STEPH CURRY MODE in the #HoopState

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Jay Huff

Respect is earned, never given.

5'10" Chance Greene might not get picked first in your local area pick-up game. He also might not get picked second or third or even fourth, reality is, Chance Greene is not an intimidating looking basketball player. However, reality also is, 5'10" Chance Greene can flat out ball. In the past, high school hoops in North Carolina has been about the high flyers, the freak athletes, the men among boys. Now, with Charlotte native and reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry blazing the big stage, a grassroots shift has begun. A shift that includes shooters with quick releases and a nice handle that can consistently get you three points instead of just two. The same type of players that draw defenses out, opening up the lane for the post guys, and demand help-side defense to step up allowing for other shooters to get open. A player with flash and flare that ultimately gets the job done and wins basketball games. This is the type of player Chance Greene is. A little turnover prone at times, Greene continues to learn the game. Alongside 6'10" teammate and future UVA big, Jay Huff, Voyager Academy finished this season in the NCHSAA with a 32-4 record en route to winning a 1A State Championship. According to, Greene finished the season averaging 15 points and just under 6 assists per game. Greene is getting DIII looks but I'd say there should be a solid DII roster spot with his name on it. WAKE UP COACHES, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!