Why you should be jealous of Chandler Parsons | Shaves head for 10 year old boy with Cancer

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You should be jealous of Chandler Parsons and not just because I am.  Not because he’s a famous celebrity in the NBA that’s making millions of dollars a year…because he’s not making millions a year and he came into the league as an “unknown” that was drafted in the 2nd round and traded twice on draft night.  Not because he’s the new face of  Buffalo David Britton and rolling around the beach with the beautiful Ashley Sky…because the jeans aren’t my style and I’m married with a wife that will slap the shit out of me for just typing words about Ashley Sky.  Not because he’s (rebound) dunked on a who’s who list of good dunkers. Not because he was able to recruit Dwight Howard when Slim Thug wasn’t enough. And not because he has a really cool hair style…because he no longer has that hair style and for good reason.

After losing to the Mavs last night, Parsons found inspiration in his biggest fan Patrick Hobbs-DeClaire – a 10 year old boy with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma that he met last week.

Parsons.hospital-217x300“His dad was telling me how he isn’t even scared of death,” Parsons said. “He is more worried about not looking like his twin brother anymore, so me being his favorite player, I decided to shave my head to look more like him and hopefully give him some support and encouragement from me.”

“He is an unbelievable kid and the stuff he is going through really makes you realize how fortunate you are,” Parsons said. “I was going through back spasms and had a hangnail on my toe and I went to see this 10-year-old fighting for his life so it really puts things in perspective.”

Now the reason why I’m jealous of Chandler Parsons is because for all the materialistic items I buy for family and friends, I know nothing I purchase will compare to the gift that Chandler will be giving to Patrick on Christmas Day.   That gift was a shaved head that Chandler proudly showed off at practice this morning.  He didn’t tell Patrick or his parents what he did but just told them to make sure they all watch the Rockets game tomorrow.

“It will be a nice Christmas surprise for him,” Parsons said. “He has a lot of support out there, from me and from the Rockets.”

Eventhough Chandler is a Gator and I’m a Seminole, I have no issue saying I’m jealous of Chandler Parsons aka the best deal in the NBA and one of the best people in the league too.


Source: Chron

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