Chandler Parsons dunks on LeBron...

If Chander was LeBron and LeBron was Chandler in this video, LeBron fans would say he dunked on Chandler Parsons but since it's Chandler over LeBron, LeBron fans will say LeBron didn't get dunked on.

Let's read some YouTube comments for proof.

  • Really you call that getting dunked on? Come on people Lmao You wanna see real posters look at Jordan and Vince cater dunks or Kobe Bryant over Dwight Howard Lebron James on Jason terry
  • Not dunking over him idiots
  • Decent dunk but thumbs down for misleading title.
  • Baby dunk though, nothing serious

Nobody said "RIP LeBron" or LeBron got "posterized, baptized or sodomized" but in my eyes, LeBron got "dunked on."