Chandler Parson’s goes to the Billboard Awards to watch Miguel kick a fan in the head


The Houston Rocket’s Chandler Parson’s and his (to be honest) not so cool looking entourage attended the 2013 Billboard Awards.  I don’t know where his seat was but i’m glad he wasn’t standing near the stage where Miguel was trying to show off his hops by jumping over a bunch of fans.  He cleared everbody except for 1 women that he drop kicked.  The lady was all smiles at the concert but I’m sure she will have a bigger smile when she contacts a lawyer this morning.  

What gave me a big smile was listening to this awesome commentary by this guy watching Miguel showing his Parson’s hops.

“He didn’t have to hit her with the big ass boots. He aint got on no Jordans, no Nikes, no LeBrons, no KDs, no Barkleys, no Shaq. He got on man heels”


[youtube id=”4ph8ypFRD9o” width=”600″ height=”350″]


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