Chandler Parsons thinks LeBron will leave the Heat “he’s done all he can do there”

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Chandler Parsons (along with Slim Thug) did a great job recruiting Dwight Howard so he could bring his talents…talent(?)…ok talents to H-Town last summer.  On ESPN’s SportsNation on Friday, it sounded like the best deal in the NBA (and jeans model) was trying to recruit the King.

 ”I think if they would have won the Championship, it would have been a different story, and they would have came back to do it again. But he’s got so much responsibility, he’s obviously one of the best players, if not the best player, so I think them losing will make him make a move and opt out and you’ll see him in a different jersey next year.”

“I just don’t think he’ll be back on the Heat. I think he’s done all he can do there and I think it’s time for him to move on,”

Done all he can do there? No. Time for him to move on? No.  LeBron going to Houston? Hell No.  Melo going to Houston? I heard the Rockets and Bulls are the top 2 candidates for Carmelo Anthony but I just don’t see how he would fit in and if he did, I don’t see Chandler Parsons hanging around.




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