Channing Frye & Trey Lyles Were Ejected For This

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Channing Frye Trey Lyles

With a little less than 4 minutes left in Utah’s win over the Cleveland Cavs on Monday night, 32 year old Channing Frye and 20 year old rookie Trey Lyles were ejected for showing each other some love.

Lyles first gave Frye a love tap in the groin, which the new Cav obviously didn’t appreciate. After some words, the two started head rubbing and Eskimo kissing before Lyles pushed Frye away. After the refs reviewed the tape, Lyles was ejected for a flagrant 2 foul and Frye for his 2nd tech of the game.

Frye had 7 points, 4 boards and 2 assists in 19 minutes before the ejection; He had 15 points and 21 in his previous 2 games and the Cavs are now 5-5 with Frye playing.


Monday’s amusing altercation reminded me of a similar situation back in 2011, when KG gave Frye a love tap to the groin and then did one of his classic “hold me back” acts.