Charles Barkley calls Kawhi Leonard the “best basketball player in the world”

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Kawhi Leonard

Charles Barkley isn’t the most popular person in San Antonio. In Game 6 of the WCSF of 1993, he hit a game-winning 3-pointer over David Robinson.  Last year he pissed off all the “big ol’ women of San Antonio when he said the obesity issue in the city is because of their love for deep-fried Churros.

On Thursday, Barkley might have made some new fans near the Alamo and “dirty creek” when he called Kawhi Leonard the “best basketball player in the world.”

The rest of the TNT staff, and probably 99% of viewers watching at home, disagreed with that statement and Barkley saying he would “take Kawhi Leonard over any basketball player in the world right now,” but had to give him props after he dropped 20 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists in a win over LeBron and the Cavs.