Charles Barkley defends Dwight Howard, Celtics & talks about how bad the “Lakers stink”

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Tell us how you really feel is something you never have to say Charles Barkley.  His recent interview with ESPN wont be as controversial as his appearance on CNBC’s Closing Bell last week where he agreed with the Zimmerman Verdict (hear what he has to say before calling him names and disagreeing with him just because it’s the popular thing to do), but I’m sure it will be unpopular with the Dwight Howard “haters” and the LA Lakers Lovers.

Barkley defended Dwight’s constant smiling and goofy attitude and for not having that killer instinct that Jordan and Kobe have.  He then defended the Boston Celtics by saying he “loved the trade for the Celtics” and that the team wont be as bad as most people think they will be.

The most entertaining part of the interview is when he talks about how bad the “Lakers stink.”




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