Charles Barkley discusses Ferguson on Inside the NBA, “some people are going to agree with me & some people are going to kiss my a$$”

After Charles Barkley’s comments about Ferguson during a live radio interview and Kenny Smith’s “open letter” response to Barkley in the USA Today, the two Inside the NBA members discussed the topics a little more during last night’s pre-game show.

I’m not going to challenge or defend anything that Barkley, Kenny Smith, EJ or Shaq said but I will say it’s very unfair when people take bites out of a live interview and treat the words in it, the same way they would treat the words of a person who is responding to something in writing after they had time to think about it and discuss it with others.  I’m sure Kenny Smith’s response to Barkley went through a few drafts and took longer to write than Barkley entire hour long interview where he was being asked a range of questions and only having seconds to respond.

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