Charles Barkley & Gary Payton on the firing of Mark Jackson

Inside the NBA’s Charles Barkley discusses the unfair firing of coach Mark Jackson from the Golden State Warriors.

Supposedly their was a big personality clash between Jackson and management/ownership and a few players that felt Jackson played favorites – with Stephen Curry in particular. Then you have the secret tapings by assistant coach Darren Erman which adds to the mystery.

A mystery almost as baffling as when the Pacers traded Jackson back in 97 and then brought him back within a year. More baffling then the reasons why the Pacers gave up Jackson in the first place was how easy it was for them to get him back from a team that knew they had the advantage.   GM Donnie Walsh only had to give up Vincent Askew, Eddie Johnson, and 2 future 2nd round picks for the player that was averaging 10 points and 11.4 assists a game.

Although the Nuggets weren’t going anywhere fast with or without Mark Jackson, having the the current Warriors coach running fast breaks with Antonio McDyess and LaPhonso Ellis and Dale Ellis spotting up for three pointers was a highlight fans fantasy.  He was also a fantasy god that season since he was the only person outside of Stockton (10.5) averaging double figures in assists.




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