Charles Barkley Gets Sensitive When Reading A Mean Tweet

You can never go wrong with celebs reading mean tweets. And during ‘Inside The NBA’ on Wednesday, Charles Barkley had a pretty funny reaction to reading a tweet that said, “shout out to whoever took down Chucks mic so we didn’t have to get dumber for 10 seconds there.”

“I would tell him to kiss my a$$ but i’m not allowed to say that.” replied the always quotable and funny Barkley.

Allowed or not, Barkley has and always will say what he wants, but usually his live Inside the NBA curses are reserved for DeMarcus Cousins.


As for celebs reading mean tweets, here’s a compilation video of the NBA Mean Tweets from the Jimmy Kimmel show, including the one with Steph Curry reading, “Steph Curry’s facial hair is a little pubeyyyy. And while we’re on the subject, your teeth need some work.”