Charles Barkley Goes Off For 44 & 24 In GM7 Of The (Fixed?) 93 WCF

Charles Barkley may not have a championship ring but he’s had some championship-worthy playoff performances and none (yes, better than his 56 against the Warriors) were better than his WCF Game 7 against the Sonics in 1993: Chuck went off for 44 points and 24 rebounds against the Man-Child Shawn Kemp and helped his Suns beat the Sonics by 13 to advance to the NBA Finals.

“All year long people have bashed our team,” Barkley said. “They said we’re not tough enough, we’re not tall enough, that we can’t beat Eastern Conference teams. Well, you can call us what you want to. But you’ve got to call us Western Conference champions. There are only two teams left and we’re one of the two.

“I know I’m pissing a lot of people off in Philadelphia.”

Unfortunately for Barkley, their next opponent was the Chicago Bulls and even though Barkley said “GOD wanted them to win,” they weren’t enough to beat the man Larry Bird once called “God in disguise.”

What they really needed to win wasn’t GOD but the people who conspiracy theorists will say helped them win Game 7 against the Sonics: David Stern and referees Dick Bavetta, Ed T. Rush and Mike Mathis.

The Oliver Stones of the sports world will tell you a story about MVP Charles Barkley and former friend Michael Jordan filming a commercial about the Finals two weeks earlier. They will also tell you the NBA wanted a Barkley vs Jordan Finals more than the current NBA wants another Warriors vs Cavs finals. They will point out the 100 foul shots in Game 7 and the NBA record 64 taken by the Suns. Yes, 64 foul shots. That’s 23 more than their second highest, which was in Game 2 (41 to Sonics’ 32) and Game 3 (41 to Sonics 33).





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