Charles Barkley Goes On A Hilarious Epic Rant About The Phoenix Suns

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Jeff Hornacek Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley has gone on a lot of hilarious rants on Inside The NBA – none better than the obese churros loving women of San Antonio. On Thursday, Barkley’s latest epic rant was about the Phoenix Suns.

It starts off with former coach Jeff Hornacek getting ran over by a bus, then he mentions the empty seats, and then the team not being any good even when they were healthy.  Instigating Shaq and Kenny then decided to keep the comedy routine going by asking Chuck about the food items.

Popcorn? It’s stale.
Hot dogs? Hard bun.
Pretzels? Hard as a rock.
Nachos? Cold.
Seats? Dirty.
Cheerleaders? They are ugly now.

Charles did at least compliment the fans; He just thinks they deserve better.  Although being able to “pull up to the arena” and sit courtside for the price of a nosebleed tickets sounds like a great deal to me – even if the seats are “dirty.”

I don’t think too many Phoenix residents will be offended by Barkley’s jokes, but if they are, they should remember how good the Suns were with him and their title run in 1993.