Charles Barkley Hilariously Roasted The NBA For Trying To Sell The Bucks and Lakers Game

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It wasn’t as funny as his rant on big Churro-eating women in San Antonio or how bad the nachos (with pickles instead of Jalapenos) are in the Phoenix Suns’ arena, but Charles Barkley’s rant about the NBA charging $6.99 to watch the upcoming Lakers and Bucks game was pretty hilarious.

“If you pay $6.99 for that you getting bamboozled. That should be at the dollar store. Talk about highway robbery. I ain’t seen nothing like that since we stole everything from the Indians back in the day”

$6.99 might not be that bad of a deal if you get to see Giannis rack up another triple-double with 4 blocks and 3 steals against the Lakers.