Charles Barkley Responds To LeBron James’ Comments

A lot of people were hoping Charles Barkley was going to get angry or personal the way LeBron did in his recent rant about the outspoken NBA great, but Barkley was calm and full of humor on ESPN Radio’s Waddle and Silvy on Tuesday, when talking about LeBron’s “I never” comments.

“Number One: I have no problem with what LeBron said. Some of it was true. I did pay my debt – that’s not true. I was never late to the All-Star Game, so that’s not true. But I don’t overreact. I’m not going to say anything bad about him or get personal. I stick by what I said. He was all whiny and everything last week. So, I’m good, man.

“If I’m going to be straight forward like I always try to be, I know guys are going to come back at me sometimes. I’m good. He got personal, but I’m never going to get personal on an NBA player. All my criticism or critiques are always just about basketball. And I’m going to keep doing what I do.”

“Clearly he had done his homework on some screw-ups I’ve had in my life. I appreciate him reading … Clearly he Googled me and found out some things. Because I think he was young when I was playing. So, he clearly Googled me, so I appreciate that. But listen, man. I’m not going to get upset that someone said something bad about me. I’m not like 12 years old.”

“I think when you don’t like the message, you just kill the messenger. Some of the things he said about me are correct. That still does not make my message incorrect. I thought he was really whiny and complaining the past couple weeks, talking about how he’s got no help. Dude, you just won the championship.”

“I’ve only met LeBron casually. He’s always been great to me. I think I’ve been great and cordial to him. But this notion that we have to be friends, we’re never going to be friends.

“That’s not a negative thing, I’m not friends with none of these young guys. My job is to do my job, but I do understand that this is a different generation. Where anytime you say something about young guys, they take it personally.

“They never worry about whether the criticism is fair or not. They take it personally. That doesn’t bother me.”

Here’s Chris Webber, Greg Anthony and Isiah Thomas giving their two cents on the comments between the two.