Charles Barkley’s 2nd Hilarious Rant About The Phoenix Suns Made Shaq Choke

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Shaquille O’Neal Charles Barkley

Earlier in the month, Charles Barkley went on a hilarious rant about how bad the Phoenix Suns are. He not only went after the team but he insulted the popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, seats and even cheerleaders.

On Thursday night, Charles once again went off on the Suns and their cheerleaders in particular.

“They got some thick ones too.” Replied Barkley when asked if the cheerleaders were ugly. “It’s awful man. They some big-boned cheerleaders out there.”

Kenny Smith then asked if the cheerleaders use hoverboards which led to the highlight of the clip and caused Shaq to choke and Ernie to say, “Stop, you’re hurting Shaq!”

FYI, if you were wondering about the cheerleaders….Chuck is obviously kidding.

But he is serious about the women in San Antonio.