Charles Barkley's "Sorry Fat Butt" Responds to Pippen saying he was LeBron before LeBron

Scottie Pippen's former teammate Charles Barkley was on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday and gave his 2 cents on Pippen saying he "was LeBron before LeBron."

“No. No, he wasn’t,” Barkley said. “Scottie was a terrific player. But Scottie wasn’t a guy who could get you 30 every night. He was a terrific defender, but he wasn’t gonna get you 10 rebounds. LeBron could get you 30 a night. He’s the best defender — Scottie was a great defender. But he wasn’t gonna get you a bunch of rebounds every night. So the answer to that question is no.”

I'm not saying any leftover beef had anything to do with Barkley's comments, but just in case you weren't familiar with the history between Barkley and Pippen, they aren't too fond of each other.


In 1999, when Pippen left the Houston Big 3 Fail to go to the Portland Blazers, the 6 x NBA champ said he wanted to get away from Barkley's "selfish" and "sorry fat butt." He also said he should have listened to Michael Jordan who supposedly said Barkley will never win a championship because he doesn't show any dedication.

Barkley being Barkley had a funny response to the media when asked about Pippen's comments and him saying he would never apologize to Barkley.

"As you know, I always carry a gun with me," joked Barkley. "So there's a chance. If I get arrested for murder then you know he didn't apologize."

Barkley also said Jordan called him and told him he never said what Pippen said he did.

Wow. And to think this was Scottie and Charles a year earlier.

And this was 5 year earlier.

But as we all know, Pippen got the last laugh that year.